inventory-mentorPharmacies at the top of their game are already managing their inventory for success. They utilize perpetual inventory to save precious time when ordering and create an automated system that orders according to the unique needs of their patients. Often times, an advanced store will assign an inventory manager to oversee the daily inventory decisions that keep their pharmacy operating at peak efficiency. Stores in this category face a different set of challenges, and have questions all their own such as:

  1. Is my inventory manager performing as best they can?
  2. Does the inventory manager have proper tools to be as effective as possible?
  3. Is my inventory value growing due to increase in business, prices, or inefficiencies?
  4. Is our pharmacy operating at above average efficiency?
  5. What can we do to be more efficient?
  6. How do I take my store from our current plateau to the next level?

The answers to these questions are specific to each individual store and set of circumstances. At Inventory I.Q., we provide expert consulting and coaching services specific to your store in order to take you to the next level no matter how efficient you are currently. We can help set goals for your staff, hold them accountable for achievement of those goals, set up a monthly coaching call to monitor progress, and boost your store to its maximum potential efficiency. To find out how to take that next step, give us a call right now at 1-800-253-2013!