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Helping our customers take a smart approach to their inventory is our passion.

THE Inventory iQ TEAM

The People That Power Our Business

Our team knows numbers. We have been deeply entrenched in accounting and data analysis specifically in the pharmaceutical inventory management field. We apply what we have learned in data, finance and pharmacy to help you get more leverage in a highly-competitive and ever-changing industry.

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Jared Barton

Chief Executive Officer and Founder
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Wade Hinkle

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Tanner Hinkle

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Brian Jones

Director Of Sales And Business Development
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Xavier Johnson

Inventory Specialist


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How we got Here

At Inventory iQ, we have mastered the art of combining the superior care independent pharmacies provide with the logistical concepts of inventory control to maximize pharmacy performance. We are proud of a few key milestones that got us to where we are today. 


Hinkle Pharmacy Opens its doors

Hinkle Family open Hinkle Pharmacy in Bessemer, Alabama. Brothers Tanner and Wade Hinkle learned the many intricacies of the pharmacy business firsthand.
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Future Founders Come Together

Future Inventory iQ founders, the Hinkle Brothers, attend and graduate from Auburn University studying different and complementary business areas.

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Inventory iQ is founded

The group begins developing their accounting principles and approach to effective inventory management, proving out their concepts within the Hinkle Pharmacy


Market Introduction

Inventory iQ was first introduced to the independent pharmacy network by APCI at the annual convention.
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NCPA, APA, PCCA members

We believe in connecting with the pharmaceutical industry at every stage and level of the business to give our customers the most integrated experience.


Average Cash Flow Realized

The average cash flow Inventory iQ was able to realize for their customers in their first year of operation.

$22.5 Million

Total Cash Flow Realized for Customers

Today we have achieved $22.5M in cash flow realization for Independent Pharmacies via Inventory iQ services.


Proudly Serving Pharmacies with Success

The Hinkle brothers founded Inventory iQ and have helped nearly 400 pharmacies improve their inventories.

Between them they had the knowledge and passion to launch a successful business. The team had direct experience in Hinkle Pharmacy in Bessemer, Alabama. It was this experience that gave the team insider knowledge of the pharmacy business model.

Hinkle Pharmacy has also provided Inventory iQ a test case for developing their algorithm and honing their services. The team knew they could help pharmacy owners do business more effectively with a data driven approach to their inventories.

Since that time, the team has added additional talent and tools to give their customers a complete inventory management solution. Through our innovative inventory forecasting system, we can reduce excess inventory without sacrificing sales.

Inventory iQ has decrease the number of prescriptions owed by accurately stocking for the needs of our patients. They have saved Pharmacies 10.7 Million in wholesaler returns, 4.6 Million through MatchRX, 1.4 Million in expired goods, and 3.5 Million in scheduled drugs for a total of 22.5 Million in cash flow realized for Independent pharmacies.


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Founded in 2011, Inventory iQ gives you a smart, data driven approach to optimizing your pharmacy inventory. We’ve helped nearly 400 pharmacies realize $60K  on average in cash flow.

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