Perpetual Inventory Maintenance

It is our business and our passion to support your vision for your store. We want to see you be successful and we keep a finger on the pulse of your store and its inventory performance.

Continuous Improvement

Continued learning and strategy development to keep you competitive.

Adapting to Evolving Needs

We can help you make changes as the industry responds to surge.

Custom Solutions

Finding what works for your team to give your customers the best in pharmacy and service.

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On-going Support

You can access your inventory data and progress over time via our online system. Understanding the results you are getting from our work together is key to continued improvement. We are here to help you continue to adapt your processes to the needs of your demographic.

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We are proud to have support nearly 400 pharmacies in getting smarter about their inventory and order processes. You don’t have to hear it from us. You can hear it directly from our customers. Check out our customers testimonials.

Accurate, Verified, & Smart Inventory Counts delivered to your store.

Count on Inventory iQ to simplify and grow your inventory and processes.


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Founded in 2011, Inventory iQ gives you a smart, data driven approach to optimizing your pharmacy inventory. We’ve helped nearly 400 pharmacies realize $60K  on average in cash flow.

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