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Frequently Asked Questions

At Inventory iQ, we have mastered the art of combining the superior care independent pharmacies provide with the logistical concepts of inventory control to maximize pharmacy performance. We are proud of a few key milestones that got us to where we are today. 

What Can I Expect To Get From Inventory iQ Services?

In a quick free consultation, we can help you understand what kind of return you can anticipate from our services. It helps to know a few of your store numbers when you speak to an Inventory iQ specialist. These include your:

Average Rx Filled per day
Estimated Average Inventory

How Does Inventory iQ Know About Pharmacy Inventory?

We are proud to say that we own a pharmacy and are experiencing your daily challenges. We have learned that many independent pharmacies do not have the time and resources they need to be successful in a complex market. We offer services designed for you and your store from the insider knowledge that only comes from owning and operating your own store.

What Pharmacy Management Systems Does IQ Work With?

We’re proficient at installing perpetual inventory systems for customers on Rx30, PioneerRx, QuickScrip, QS1, PDX, and several others. If you don’t see your pharmacy management system listed, please reach out to us to see if we’ve worked with it before.

What Will My Service From IQ Cost?

Each of our services is as unique as the independent pharmacies we serve. To give an accurate estimate for services we have to ask several questions about your specific store, so we make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. Please reach out to one of our IQ representatives to get your custom quote.

We work in most of the Pharmacy Management Systems. Click here to see which systems we support.

Our free consultation will take about 15 minutes. Our service and turn-around time vary based on your store size. We are typically able to give you a good estimate of schedules in your consultation.  Get started now.

A perpetual inventory frees up your resources by providing a better picture of your inventory and streamlines your ordering. Learn more here. 

We work with all major wholesalers, and we’re constantly looking to work with customers who may buy from a wholesaler we haven’t worked with yet.

Yes. Many of our customers are balancing 340b programs with their traditional retail business. Each program is different. Get in touch with an IQ rep to discuss the specifics of your pharmacy to discover your options.
Long term care programs can be problematic for keeping an accurate perpetual inventory, however, we’ve worked with several customers to find solutions for them. Contact us to find out how we can help you do the same.

IQ field teams are trained on many different pharmacy management systems. During the counting process, our teams are trained to check each item for any prescriptions in progress and adjust counts as needed to ensure the accuracy of your inventory.

If we haven’t been to your area before, we’d love to visit. We’ve serviced customers in 30 of 50 states in the U.S. and it’s our mission to assist customers in all 50 in the near future.

Our perpetual inventory and count services don’t require any monthly fees, but they do provide 24/7 customer support for life. Our Inventory Mining service is a monthly subscription, so it is the only service we provide that our customers pay for monthly.

Customers may access IQ Customer Support at any time by calling 1-800-253-2013.
One of the biggest headaches for many people using perpetual inventory or trying to make the leap to perpetual inventory is trying to determine how multiple wholesalers will affect their experience. Pharmacy management system, frequency of purchase from secondaries, and pharmacy workflow all affect how multiple wholesalers can affect your perpetual inventory performance. Contact one of our reps to discuss your options.


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Founded in 2011, Inventory iQ gives you a smart, data driven approach to optimizing your pharmacy inventory. We’ve helped nearly 400 pharmacies realize $60K  on average in cash flow.

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