Perpetual Inventory Saves You Money

Perpetual inventory is the leading proactive method to managing your pharmacy’s inventory. Perpetual inventory is where information on inventory quantity and availability is updated on a continuous basis as a function of doing business. Electronic ordering (EDI) helps insure accuracy and smooth transformations of inventory information from your wholesaler to your pharmacy software system. It’s nearly impossible to maximize a pharmacy’s net profit without having the transparency created by a perpetual inventory system.

  • Fill more prescriptions
  • Reduce owing medication
  • Increase operation speed

Know what you have and when you have it!



Don’t stress yourself with inventory anymore!

An average pharmacy has more than 1500 drugs in stock at any given time. Learning the ins and outs on how to setup a drug profile to order electronically can be confusing. Cleaning up old drug profiles, scanning through thousands of old NDCs and learning what variables go where can be overwhelming. Converting to a perpetual inventory system can be time consuming, stressful, and confusing. We don’t expect you to have that kind of experimental time on your hands.

Utilize our experience and rid yourself of this learning curve. Let us fight in the trenches for you while you focus on your customers. Leave the counting hundreds of thousands of pills to our specialized equipment and ensure an end result that is accurate for your pharmacy. Fill prescriptions, run your business, we’ll take care of the inventory. Then we’ll teach you how to manage it on a daily basis once the job is setup correctly

  • Reduce expired goods
  • Reduce errors
  • Reduce tax burdens

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