Perpetual Inventory Installation

Give your store the best opportunity to grow. We help you find more efficiency in your inventory and ordering. Inventory iQ’s proprietary algorithm was developed specifically with pharmacies in mind.

Grow Where it Matters

Free up resources to meet your patient needs better.

Maximum operation speed

Reduce ordering complexity, streamline management.

Real Time Reporting and Ordering

Know exactly what you, when you have it, order at ideal quantities.

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Perpetual Inventory Installation

We can help you capitalize on the benefits of electronic ordering and real-time inventory accounting. Our programs synchronize ordering, purchasing and returns.

We Understand Your Daily Challenges

We are here to reduce the burden of your inventory, ordering, and filling processes. Let us bring our expertise into your store and into your strategy to make your store a even more successful business.

Accurate, Verified, & Smart Inventory Counts delivered to your store.

Count on Inventory iQ to simplify and grow your inventory and processes.


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Founded in 2011, Inventory iQ gives you a smart, data driven approach to optimizing your pharmacy inventory. We’ve helped nearly 400 pharmacies realize $60K  on average in cash flow.

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