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Inventory IQ LLC. originated from Hinkle Pharmacy, located in Bessemer, Alabama. The Hinkles have been combining the love and care that independents provide with the logistical concepts of inventory control to maximize their pharmacy’s performance.

Hinkle Pharmacy and Inventory I.Q. are proud members of NCPA, APCI, APA, PCCA, and uses Rx30 as their software vendor. You’ll find their presences in many LinkedIn pharmacy related groups, live pharmacy podcasts and as exhibitors at pharmacy conventions.

The Hinkles have developed an innovative inventory system that allows their clients to operate with a reduced amount of inventory without sacrificing sales!

Through their innovative inventory system, they are able to reduce excess inventory without sacrificing sales! On average, they save their customers over $60,000 per year! That’s profit that can be re-invested into your business to increase revenue and overall business growth.



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Pharmacy Management System Compatibility


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Inventory Installation

Take Control of Your Inventory

To ensure inventory quantities & availability are continuously updated, first, we must count and input all of the current drug information.

Inventory Maintenance

Let Us Manage Your Inventory

Once you’re on our system, we’ll make sure your inventory issues are minimal and quickly resolved.

Inventory Mentor

Stay Ahead of the Game

Have questions? We have answers! With a quick phone call, we can address any concern you have about your inventory system.

Inventory Counts

Remove the Guesswork

Stop guessing and start using our inventory systems to manage the volume of medications you keep in stock.


Quotes“In today’s margins every owner has to manage all aspects of his business to remain profitable. Inventory is our biggest expense so it makes sense to stay on top of it. With Inventory IQ I have a better sense that my inventory levels are where they need to be based on my store and that should help my bottom line.”

Jim Jackson (Duncan Pharmacy Owner)

Quotes“I’m a pharmacist, not an inventory guy. I never knew how much money I wasted until we converted. Before we started, I had drugs expiring constantly and it took 30 minutes to an hour to complete the order. Now, it takes a few minutes and I rarely have any expired items. I’d strongly suggestion a perpetual inventory system to any pharmacy. Thanks to Inventory I.Q., I have one.”

Bruce Hinkle (Hinkle Pharmacy Owner)

Quotes“Highly Recommended! These guys are geniuses and completely professional.”

Candace West (Owner of Hokes Bluff Drug Shoppe)

Quotes“Nothing great was ever accomplished alone. For every goal I have achieved in my life, I can trace back each goal to a mentor or individual who helped achieve it.”

Dan Gheesling

Quotes“With lower margins than ever, our customers better be watching their inventories.”

Keith Scott (McKesson)

Quotes“They’re the experts on inventory control.”

Bobbie Little (APCI)

Making inventory smarter, faster, and more efficient.


Inventory iQ
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Inv iQ provides customized solutions for all inventory related needs, from perpetual inventory installations, management, consulting, & annual inventory counts.
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