Inventory Counts

inventory-countsMany pharmacies are still not operating under a perpetual system. Unfortunately, they lack the transparency of how much capital is tied up in their inventory. Pharmacies are….

  • Completely guessing this total inventory number
  • Estimating with a broad stroke
  • Increasing their total number by a percentage each year

Or you can skip all of the guess work and have one of our teams come count it for you.

No one wants to pay more taxes. Without a correct inventory total, you could be paying the government too much in taxes on this guesstimated inventory number.

But at the same time pharmacies have a large amount of drugs and products. It’s very time consuming to walk around adding everything up with a calculator. We’ll provide you with a team of experts who will deliver to you an accurate blueprint of your store that maps out how much capital you have tied up in each section, all within a short amount of time.